ML-Driven White Label Supply-Side
+ Ad Exchange

with Free All-in-One Prebid Capabilities

Unlock the Future of Advertising with TeqBlaze’s Customizable SSP

TeqBlaze is transforming the landscape of white-label SSP and Ad Exchanges, offering not just a platform but a strategic partnership for publishers and SSPs. Our white-label supply-side platform stands out with its unique features and the integration of advanced machine-learning algorithms designed to boost performance and profitability.

ML-powered performance optimization toolset
Free Prebid adapters
Real-time reports
QPS limit
White Label Mobile SDK
SPO Toolkit
Label SSP
Ad Exchange
Integrated ID5 identity link solutions
Built-in supply and demand scanner connectors
BI as a Service
Additional service suite
Contextual targeting module
Professional account management team

All Possible Formats and Environments
to Work With

Rich Media
Rich Media (HTML5)
Audio Ads

Optimize Performance with Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

Our dedication to elevating the performance of our customizable supply-side platform platform has led us to incorporate cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms.
These enhancements are designed to optimize key aspects of your operations for peak efficiency.

Smart Throttling

to ensure ads reach the appropriate advertiser at the optimal time for maximum impact.

Adaptive Margin

to keep your pricing strategy both competitive and profitable, ensuring you stay ahead in the market.

Win Rate Optimization

to increase your likelihood of securing bids with sophisticated win rate optimization techniques.

Dynamic Floor Price Mechanism

to set the floor price for ad impressions, ensuring fair and profitable transactions.

Comprehensive A/B Testing

for exploring and testing new WL SSP platform features with full autonomy, eliminating the need for external development support.

Flexible QPS Management

for more precise and adaptable QPS limit control, enhancing overall platform responsiveness.

Discover all benefits of the SPO

Elevate Your Programmatic Strategy
with the TeqBlaze SPO Toolkit

Step into the next era of programmatic advertising with the SPO toolkit, exclusively for our white-label SSP+Ad Exchange. Tailored for the ambitious, this toolkit equips you with unparalleled capabilities to dissect, refine, and elevate the advertising supply chain to unprecedented levels of productivity and effectiveness.

Supply-Chain Analysis

Eliminate manual labor in identifying and analyzing supply chain elements.

Supply-Chain Management

Fine-tune your supply chain for optimal efficiency and performance.

Supply-Chain Filtering

Streamline your supply chain by removing inefficiencies.

Supply-Chain Optimization

Enhance traffic delivery to DSPs, combining the precision of RCPM Smart Throttling with the customization of manual settings.

Ready to Transform
Your Advertising Strategy?

Create a Secure and Cookie-Free
Digital Advertising Landscape

Transform your advertising approach with our white-label Ad Exchange, now equipped with cutting-edge Identity Link Solutions. This advancement marks the end of cookie-dependent strategies, paving the way for a more secure and privacy-conscious era in digital advertising.

Prioritizing User Privacy

By moving away from cookies, we honor user privacy and simplify compliance with data protection laws.

Seamless Cross-Device Experiences

Ensure consistent user experiences across all devices through integrated user identity, enabling smooth transitions and accurate attribution regardless of device switching.

Strengthening Data Security

Our advanced security protocols safeguard user data, significantly reducing the chances of data breaches and cyber threats.

Boost Your Ad Exchange Competitive
Edge And Revenue Potential

In line with our dedication to enhancing your white label SSP + Ad Exchange platform, we've developed custom Prebid adapters tailored to your needs, and the best part is that they are completely free.

Prebid Server


Prebid Mobile


Let's talk about your goals and discover the power of TeqBlaze's white-label solutions

Supercharge your platform with White Label Mobile SDK

Unlock the full potential of your white-label SSP + Ad Exchange with White Label Mobile SDK, a powerful in-app monetization solution.

Seamless integration

Enhance your platform's capabilities with a seamless SDK integration for effortless ad serving.

Advanced features

Equip your users with industry-leading tools for targeted advertising and user insights.

Enhanced user experience

Prioritize user privacy and ensure a smooth in-app experience for maximized engagement.

Embrace the Future with the TeqBlaze WL Supply-Side platform

Instant Standalone Product

Jumpstart your entry into the market with a customizable SSP solution ready to go live in just 2-3 weeks. TeqBlaze offers a turnkey white label SSP complete with your branding, ensuring seamless integration with your business identity.

Self-Serve Capabilities

Empower your clients with the ability to manage their campaigns directly through a self-serve model. This flexibility enhances customer satisfaction and streamlines operations, providing a significant value proposition for you and your clients.

Secured and Isolated Infrastructure

With TeqBlaze, your data security is paramount. Enjoy a robust platform with isolated infrastructure, databases, and other critical components that safeguard your information and operations from external threats.

Fully Scalable Infrastructure

The white-label SSP solution is designed to grow with your business. Thanks to unlimited QPS abilities and horizontal scaling, you can effortlessly manage any volume of data or traffic without compromising performance.

Unlimited Customization

TeqBlaze offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to tailor the platform to your needs. Whether it's custom features, integrations, or functionalities, you can create a product that perfectly aligns with your business goals.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from dedicated customer and technical support, including access to Account Managers and outstaffing services. This ensures you always have expert assistance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Value-Added Services

Enhance your white-label supply-side platform solution with additional paid services such as launch programs, training programs, and certifications. These offerings boost your platform's capabilities and enrich your team's expertise and operational excellence.


Leverage TeqBlaze's extensive expertise in digital advertising to gain a strategic edge. Their knowledge and insights into the ad tech landscape can help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities more effectively.

Elevate Your White Label Platform
with Exclusive Additional Solutions

Transform your customizable supply-side platform solution from good to exceptional with our suite of premium services designed for our clients. Accelerate your journey to excellence and unlock faster revenue generation with our specialized support.

BI as a Service

Lunch Program

Training Program

Dedicated Full-time AdOps / Account Manager

Flexible Pricing Plans

TeqBlaze presents three distinct pricing packages designed to cater to a diverse range of needs, ensuring you
receive the best possible support and maintenance for your ad tech platform.

Starter Pack

Perfect for newcomers to the digital advertising world, this plan offers the essential tools and support to get your operations off the ground efficiently and effectively.

Standard Pack

The Standard Pack provides an expanded set of tools and features, along with increased support for more complex needs.

Unlimited Premium Pack

This is the ultimate solution for enterprises demanding the highest level of support, features, and scalability.

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