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Step up your adtech game with our custom programmatic solutions. Designed to align with your unique business objectives, our customized programmatic platforms and tools promise not just efficiency but extraordinary results. Experience the power of personalized advertising technology and watch your campaigns soar!

White Label Mobile SDK

The all-in-one in-app monetization solution for seamless ad integration into your app, maximizing revenue with advanced targeting and user insights, all while prioritizing user privacy and compliance.

Custom Ad Tech Products

Harness the power of innovative technology to enhance your ad delivery, maximize engagement, and drive success in your digital marketing campaigns.

White Label SSP

A ready-made supply-side platform designed for companies eager to introduce and tailor their own media-selling technology and quickly penetrate the market.

White Label DSP

An off-the-shelf demand-side platform tailored for businesses aiming to swiftly launch, customize, and deploy their own media-buying technology within weeks.

White Label Ad Exchange

A flexible, core-based solution that allows companies to rapidly establish their own RTB-driven advertising marketplace, offering a lucrative opportunity for capitalization.


Elevate your business

Our expertise can assist in creating and developing programmatic advertising and real-time bidding platforms for various digital channels, including display, native, mobile in-app, video, audio, OTT, CTV, in-game, and digital out-of-home advertising.

Marketing and advertising companies

Publishers and online media

Ad networks and RTB partners

Unlock the power ofcustom AdTech with us

Welcome to our world of AdTech mastery, where we craft unique platforms for diverse industries.
Our devotion to bespoke development means your programmatic platform is not just another tool – it's a precision-engineered key to your specific goals.

Programmatic Advertising


Digital Marketing

Media and Publishing


Retail Media

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At TeqBlaze, we elevate custom programmatic products beyond generic platforms. We craft bespoke white-label adtech solutions that fuel your business growth. This isn't just technology; it's a transformative partnership built on cutting-edge innovation and meticulous customization.

Our approach

Discover our engagement model, empowering you with the control and flexibility you deserve.

Our expertise

Explore our team's wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge, ensuring optimal campaign performance.

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Pioneering Custom Ad Tech Development

Embark on a journey with Teqblaze, a trailblazer in bespoke adtech solutions since our emergence in 2011 from the innovative roots of SmartyAds. Our odyssey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in white-label programmatic platforms. In 2024, we evolved into an independent powerhouse, dedicating ourselves entirely to revolutionizing programmatic advertising solutions development.


Through a vast network of partnerships in the ad tech industry, we empower our clients to innovate accurately and expansively.

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