Transforming SSP+Ad Exchange Performance: The Impact of TeqBlaze's White-Label SSP+Ad Exchange on Client’s Revenue Growth

Transforming SSP+Ad Exchange Performance: The Impact of TeqBlaze's White-Label SSP+Ad Exchange on Client’s Revenue Growth

Under the terms of an NDA, the TeqBlaze team successfully engineered a white-label SSP+Ad Exchange platform, empowering clients to establish and manage their personalized advertising networks. This innovative solution, tailored to meet the unique demands of the digital advertising landscape, offers clients the flexibility and tools necessary to navigate and excel in the competitive market of advertising networks.


Our client is a prominent company based in the USA that specializes in targeting and engaging with Connected TV (CTV) audiences. With an extensive reach and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, our client is at the forefront of the rapidly growing CTV market.

Their expertise lies in delivering tailored advertising solutions to their clients, enabling them to connect with their target audience in a personalized and effective way. They leverage cutting-edge technology and data analytics to provide insights into consumer behavior, enabling their clients to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and success.

Value delivered

TeqBlaze enhanced the client's operations by delivering a streamlined solution that combined an adaptable reporting and analytics platform, offering quick, effective analysis across numerous metrics and dimensions. The client benefited from seamless, pre-configured integrations with demand and supply partners, boosting performance alongside a dedicated infrastructure that optimized cost-efficiency by billing based solely on actual server usage.


TeqBlaze identified several key challenges faced by the client:

  • Complex integration processes with demand partners due to custom requirements that deviated from standard protocols, obscuring the system's efficiency and scalability.
  • The client also contended with opaque billing for infrastructure use, lack of clarity on server costs and usage, and potentially sharing resources, which led to reliability issues.

Furthermore, increased traffic complicated report access and analysis, hindering timely decision-making. Additionally, the lengthy integration and testing phases for new partners significantly delayed market entry, causing substantial revenue losses.

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The white-label solution provided by TeqBlaze significantly improved the client's performance. They gained access to ready-to-use integrations, which improved their performance, and a flexible reporting system that allowed them to analyze and optimize their monetization activity efficiently.

The cooperation with TeqBlaze has also resulted in a significant increase in gross revenue for the client.


Due to quality improvements, the client could scale the number of connections and volumes from 70k to 280k QPS. The client earns 5.6 times higher gross revenue on their 280k QPS platform than their old platform with 70k QPS. This translates to a 60% increase in performance QPS-wise and a 560% increase in gross profit compared to the old setup.

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