Adapting to Change: A Case Study of the Traffic Monetization Partner Success with TeqBlaze After Google Bidding Strategy Update

Adapting to Change: A Case Study of the Traffic Monetization Partner Success with TeqBlaze After Google Bidding Strategy Update

This case study delves into the experience of the TeqBlaze client, who encountered a significant challenge due to recent industry policy shifts (specific details withheld due to NDA). We will showcase how TeqBlaze's White Label SSP+Ad Exchange platform empowered them to navigate these changes and achieve success.


Our client is a trusted digital ads traffic monetization partner working within a specific licensing and patenting niche. The client manages monetization for over 40 mobile publishers integrated via Google SDK. They hold a Google Certified Publishing Partner account and certification, which historically facilitated effective monetization across their network through direct demand connections.

Value delivered

TeqBlaze provided a robust, flexible white-label SSP+Ad Exchange platform, enabling the client to quickly onboard demand sources and integrate publishers, reducing reliance on third-party platforms like Google. Additionally, TeqBlaze developed a custom SDK for direct mobile publisher integration, granting the client greater control and independence in ad operations.


Google announced changes to its Google Ad Manager auction strategy, shifting from a traditional waterfall bidding approach to their own unified bidding strategy. This change presented several challenges for our client. The new strategy impacted the client's ability to monetize using their previously successful methods, decreasing revenue potential. Additionally, not all partners were granted immediate access to Google's demand, which limited our client's ability to interact directly with and capitalize on potential revenue streams. Without their own proprietary technology, such as a white-label platform or SDK, our client found it difficult to adapt to these changes quickly.

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TeqBlaze's partnership empowered the client to navigate significant changes in the advertising industry smoothly, minimizing business disruptions:

  • The client now has complete control over their ad inventory and bidding strategies, significantly enhancing their ability to adapt to market changes.

  • With direct access to demand and the capability to onboard more publishers, the client has unlocked new opportunities for increasing their advertising revenue.

  • By implementing TeqBlaze's solutions, the client is now well-equipped to independently manage future changes in the advertising landscape, reducing their reliance on external platforms.

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