From GAM to Full Control How US-Based AdTech Company Boosted Revenue with TeqBlaze's White-Label SSP+Ad-Exchanage

From GAM to Full Control How US-Based AdTech Company Boosted Revenue with TeqBlaze's White-Label SSP+Ad-Exchanage

This case study explores a TeqBlaze client's experience facing a recent industry obstacle (details obscured by NDA). We will showcase how our white-label SSP+Ad Exchange programmatic platform empowered them to navigate this challenge effectively and achieve success.


Our client is a key figure in digital advertising, managing ad delivery for over twenty web publishers through a Master Channel Account. They efficiently integrate ads using Google tags within their MCM framework. Recently, changes in Google’s billing for ad requests have introduced significant financial hurdles, impacting their operations.

Value delivered

TeqBlaze's white-label SSP+ADX platform enabled our client to recover over 30% of previously lost revenue due to unmonetized ad requests, providing them with greater control over their revenue streams and optimizing their bidding and pricing strategies. The transition was smooth, with seamless partner integration, and the platform was customized to meet the client's specific needs. Comprehensive training and continuous support ensured effective management, while increased access to various demand partners expanded their reach and boosted ad yields. These improvements significantly enhanced the client's control and profitability in digital advertising.


Google's new billing policy introduced a significant challenge: any ad request that fails to be monetized now incurs a cost, fundamentally changing the economic landscape for ad network operators. As a result, the client experienced a drastic revenue reduction, losing over 40% due to unmonetized ad requests. This unsustainable situation necessitated reevaluating their operational approach to digital ad management.

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Switching to TeqBlaze's platform brought immediate and notable benefits. The client quickly saw a reduction in revenue loss from unmonetized ad requests, recovering over 30% of their previously lost revenue.

At the heart of the client's success lies the strategic decision to adopt TeqBlaze's white-label SSP+Ad Exchange platform. This choice proved to be a game-changer, offering several compelling advantages:

  • The platform allows seamless and free integration with various demand partners, including Google ADX and other programmatic players. This unrestricted access expands the client's reach, fostering increased competition for their ad inventory and potentially driving higher ad yields.

  • With TeqBlaze's white-label solution, the client gains complete autonomy over their revenue stream. They are no longer bound by external billing structures or limitations. Instead, they have the freedom to determine who bids on their inventory and at what price, enabling them to optimize their revenue generation strategies for maximum profitability.

These benefits have transformed the client's financial landscape, unlocking new revenue streams and empowering them to take charge of their monetization strategies. TeqBlaze's white-label SSP+Ad Exchange platform has proven invaluable, enabling the client to achieve unprecedented control and profitability.

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