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Create fully adaptable Ad Tech platforms perfectly tailored to your needs and business objectives.

Discover the strength of bespoke ad tech solutions

Dive into our realm of AdTech expertise, where we tailor-make platforms for a variety of sectors.
Our commitment to custom development ensures your programmatic platform is far more than a mere instrument – it's a meticulously designed solution aimed directly at achieving your unique objectives.

Custom Ad Platforms

Supply Side Platforms

Demand Side Platforms

Ad Exchanges

Leading Ad Tech Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge practices and bespoke software development expertise, we empower you to create impactful advertising solutions

Adaptable White Label Approach

Our approach to AdTech platform development offers a foundational solution for businesses aiming to venture into or grow within the digital advertising arena, eliminating the need to build proprietary technology from scratch.

Highly-targeted environment

We develop programmatic solutions that leverage the power of programmatic targeting to fuel beneficial and relevant ad environments.

Programmatic automation

The implementation of RTB and the most progressive integrations helps us to automate and streamline the media-trading process on your platform.


We design Ad Tech solutions that help you to track and review the performance of your platform so that you can optimize it and boost efficiency over time.

Brand safety

The solutions that we build are privacy-friendly by design and compliant with GDPR, CCPA, COPPA, and other global privacy regulations.

Omnichannel reach

We maximize the effectiveness of solutions with omnichannel reach and a cross-format environment to extend available advertising opportunities.

Take your
Business to
New heights

Let our expertise guide you in crafting and evolving programmatic advertising and real-time bidding platforms across multiple digital channels. Whether it's display, native, mobile in-app, video, audio, OTT, CTV, in-game, or DOOH advertising, we're here to help your business soar. We're here to empower:

Marketing and advertising firms
Publishers and online media
Ad networks and RTB partners
App developers

Elevate Your Ad Tech Platform with
Exclusive Additional Solutions

Transform your platform from good to exceptional with our suite of premium services designed for our clients. Accelerate your journey to excellence and unlock faster revenue generation with our specialized support.



Dedicated Full-time
AdOps / Account Manager

Google Certification
Process + Integration

Start building your product

Book a call with a product expert to evaluate your project

started is

Step 1

Contact us to discuss with the manager what platform you need and what requirements you have regarding features, integrations, and the rest of the on-demand functionality.

Step 2

Mapping the scope of work: plan the roadmap of the platform development and installation. We are getting back to you to discuss the deadlines and solution cost.

Step 3

After we discuss the plan and obtain your agreement, we assemble specialists from our team and proceed to work. During the whole cycle, we stay in touch with you to update you regarding the progress and provide you with the necessary advice.

Step 4

The platform is fully deployed in 1-2 weeks. Then your platform is tested and you go through onboarding calls and education on how to operate it.

Embrace the Future with Teqblaze Programmatic
White Label Solutions

Instant Standalone Product

Jump start your entry into the market with a solution ready to go live in just 2-3 weeks. TeqBlaze offers a turnkey white label SSP complete with your branding, ensuring seamless integration with your business identity.

Self-Serve Capabilities

Empower your clients with the ability to manage their campaigns directly through a self-serve model. This flexibility enhances customer satisfaction and streamlines operations, providing a significant value proposition for you and your clients.

Secured and Isolated Infrastructure

With TeqBlaze, your data security is paramount. Enjoy a robust platform with isolated infrastructure, databases, and other critical components that safeguard your information and operations from external threats.

Fully Scalable Infrastructure

Our white-label demand-side platform solution is designed to grow with your business. Thanks to unlimited QPS abilities and horizontal scaling, you can effortlessly manage any volume of data or traffic without compromising performance.

Unlimited Customization

TeqBlaze offers unlimited customization in our white-label DSP solution, allowing you to create a platform perfectly aligned with your business goals and client expectations.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from dedicated customer and technical support, including access to Account Managers and outstaffing services. This ensures you always have expert assistance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Value-Added Services

Enhance your platform with additional paid services such as launch programs, training programs, and certifications. These offerings not only boost your platform's capabilities but also enrich your team's expertise and operational excellence.


Leverage TeqBlaze's extensive expertise in digital advertising to gain a strategic edge. Their knowledge and insights into the ad tech landscape can help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities more effectively.

Flexible Pricing Plans

TeqBlaze presents three distinct pricing packages designed to cater to a diverse range of needs, ensuring you
receive the best possible support and maintenance for your ad tech platform.

Starter Pack

Perfect for newcomers to the digital advertising world, this plan offers the essential tools and support to get your operations off the ground efficiently and effectively.

Standard Pack

The Standard Pack provides an expanded set of tools and features, along with increased support for more complex needs.

Unlimited Premium Pack

This is the ultimate solution for enterprises demanding the highest level of support, features, and scalability.

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