White Label Mobile SDK

Powerful in-app monetization solution

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White Label Mobile SDK is meticulously designed to make app monetization as straightforward and adaptable as web monetization.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate White Label Mobile SDK directly into your app or with popular platforms like Applovin Max, Admob, and Ironsource. Enjoy smooth mediation across frameworks, including Unity compatibility.

Customization options

Choose from a customizable white-label SSP + ad exchange setup or use White Label Mobile SDK as a standalone product tailored to your specific requirements.

Advanced features

Enhance user engagement with event tracking, first-party data collection (with user consent), and Open Measurement SDK.

Effortless compliance

Stay compliant with key regulatory frameworks such as TCF, GPP, and CCPA.

Engage your users with diverse mobile ad formats

Banner HTML

(including support of MRAID 3 ads)

Outstream video
Interstitial ads


In-app native

(without video asset)

Google IMA SDK in-stream video

Unlock powerful insights. Optimize your strategy

Track user behavior

Gain insights with detailed event tracking.

Personalize ads

Gather first-party data (with consent) for better targeting.

Open measurement SDK

Ensure IAB-compliant reporting for clear campaign analysis.

Unlock early bird pricing

Be among the first to leverage White Label Mobile SDK and enjoy significant savings on your in-app monetization solution.

Enhance your revenue with ad mediation

Maximize your earnings by choosing the most profitable ad networks for your audience. the White Label Mobile SDK helps you optimize fill rates and eCPM, boosting overall earnings without compromising the user experience.

Top-tier integrations

Seamlessly connect with leading ad networks like Applovin Max, Admob, and Ironsource, with additional options available.

High-CPM selection

Choose the ad networks that consistently deliver the highest CPMs, tailored specifically to your audience.

Cost-efficient solutions

Use White Label Mobile SDK to save on costs, or develop your own white-label SDK based on it, with custom features tailored to your needs.

Monetize responsibly,
build trust with users

Compliance built-in

Supports TCF, GPP, CCPA for global regulations.

Transparent user consent

Ensures user control over data collection.

Secure infrastructure

Protects user data with robust security measures.

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Choose the perfect fit

White Label Mobile SDK caters to your specific needs with flexible deployment options.

As a part of our white-label SSP+ Ad Exchange setup

As a part of our white-label SSP+Ad Exchange setup

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Standalone product

Compatible with any OpenRTB-compliant back-end for flexibility without extensive integration.

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