White-Label DSP+SSP Bundle: Crafting a Custom Programmatic Ecosystem for Advanced Contextual Targeting

White-Label DSP+SSP Bundle: Crafting a Custom Programmatic Ecosystem for Advanced Contextual Targeting

This case study offers a detailed examination of the collaboration under an NDA between the TeqBlaze team and our client. It focuses on the innovative integration and deployment of DSP and SSP technologies. The core aim was to bolster the client's expertise in contextual audience targeting and support launching programmatic platforms tailored for unique advertising formats.


Our Client is a dynamic startup that delivers smart programmatic solutions that enhance brand safety and suitability while promoting privacy-first marketing strategies. The company is dedicated to offering innovative contextual targeting solutions to navigate the complexities of the evolving digital landscape, especially with the phased elimination of third-party cookies in mind. Their approach strongly emphasizes user privacy and data protection, establishing them as a pioneering provider adept at adapting to significant industry changes.

Value delivered

The client was provided with two integrated programmatic platforms under a single brand, enabling direct interactions between publishers, advertisers, and intermediaries. Enhanced with advanced contextual intelligence and support for innovative ad formats, this unified system boosts adaptability and effectiveness in the ever-evolving digital advertising market.


Upon reviewing the client's requirements and ideas, our teams identified two primary obstacles in implementing the DSP+SSP bundle. The first challenge involved integrating the client's unique contextual intelligence tool with our core product technologies, necessitating back-end and front-end modifications across platforms to effectively utilize contextual data. The second was developing a platform capable of handling innovative ad formats for use across web, mobile, and streaming platforms, a requirement seldom addressed simultaneously in the industry. To ensure timely delivery, we established a rigorous development schedule, committing to have both the customized features and the fully operational programmatic infrastructure completed by a set deadline.

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The partnership between Teqblaze and the Client has successfully created and implemented an advanced advertising ecosystem. This ecosystem uniquely combines sophisticated contextual intelligence capabilities with innovative advertising formats, effectively addressing the evolving market needs and securing a competitive advantage in privacy-oriented marketing solutions.

This strategic collaboration has led to a remarkable expansion in the Client's user base, growing from 28 publishers and 62 advertisers to 500 publishers and 300 advertisers within the first year of deployment.

Active publishers and advertisers on the platform


Furthermore, during this period, the company achieved a significant milestone, recording a net income of $17,000 US dollars, underscoring its financial stability and growth trajectory.

The ongoing relationship between Teqblaze and the Client is focused on continuously developing tailored solutions for the platforms, alongside refining the unique advertising formats to optimize impression metrics. Teqblaze is dedicated to providing the Client with unwavering support to facilitate sustained business growth and success.

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