1bln impressions and a 10X income increase for an SSP with a business-goal-oriented platform discovery and implementation

1bln impressions and a 10X income increase for an SSP with a business-goal-oriented platform discovery and implementation

In collaboration with TeqBlaze under an NDA, a leading American SSP provider sought to boost advertising efficiency. This mission was pursued through the advancement of partner customization and automation features, utilizing TeqBlaze's white-label SSP solution.


Our client is a US-based SSP platform provider responsible for taking niche businesses worldwide to a whole new performance level by bringing publishers and buyers together in an impeccably efficient manner. Guided by the principles of equality and diversity in its strive to bring innovation to programmatic advertising, the company focuses its commercial effort on helping entry-level businesses succeed.

Value delivered

Switching to TeqBlaze's white label SSP and introducing new customization and automation features enabled the client to increase user engagement and income by 10 times in the first year, reaching 1 billion monthly impressions across 500,000 sites and apps.


The customer was looking for a swift implementation of the changes needed in order to cut down the amount of downtime envisaged to the maximum. Hence, our team has to come up with a solution that would ensure our client’s business continuity while implementing the customization and automation features requested. Following the project’s discovery phase, which we managed to accomplish in less than two weeks, we brought forward the idea of devising a new white-label platform set for delivery within the framework of MVP development. Our primary challenge boiled down to reduplicating the client’s idea of extending a standard solution while simultaneously migrating its data and infusing it with an extended set of neoteric customization features.

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We delivered a solution that preserved the basic functionality, keeping the old customers satisfied (the transition for them has been as painless as possible - no customer has been lost) while fostering immense opportunities for engaging with the new clientele.

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The core benefit that our client got from working with TeqBlaze can be classified as the combination of cutting costs, reaching business objectives, and maximizing profit as a result of adopting a new white-label SSP, featuring all the customization and automation properties required to meet the demands of modern markets.

During the first year of the cooperation with TeqBlaze our client has reached a benchmark of 1 billion impressions available across 5oo thousand sites and apps monthly. Last but not least, we have been able to translate its efforts into maximizing our client’s income tenfold. Here, you can find a detailed report on how and where our client prospered from the product delivered by TeqBlaze.

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As for today, our collaboration has reached a significant milestone, and we're proud to report the successful culmination of our efforts. The client acquired the white-label platform from TeqBlaze during their transformation into a public corporation. This process has been characterized by mutual satisfaction and remarkable achievements. As part of our commitment, we assembled a dedicated team to specialize in the client's platform, ensuring a seamless integration of services and expertise.

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